2 ways to waste money on a marketing firm.

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1. Pick a firm with no experience in your business

Oh we know, they all say their in-depth, up-front consultative approach (that you pay for in an in-depth, up-front kind of way) gives them the learning foundation they need to sell your stuff. Would you hire a senior salesperson with little experience in your business who said that? But you’re going to pay your precious budget money to a firm that has worked with a high end clothing designer, a physician’s group, a great non-profit and now they are happy to have your business too?

Even if they have had an engagement in your business, be careful not to buy examples of pretty pictures. TALK TO THEM, ask them questions and in the conversation it should be obvious that they either know the business or they don’t. If they don’t demonstrate that expertise through conversation, then they are probably relying on you and your team to write all the stuff and do much of the work while they just put a pretty shade of lipstick on it.

A firm should be a real advisor, and not just a design shop. If you have a design shop, make sure you are only paying for that and not endlessly paying for “account management” services that are really billable hours where you are continually trying to teach them what you do…and to no avail.

2. Messaging and Content over Websites and Email.

A redesigned website, pretty email campaign, direct mail campaign and may be some corporate identity “branding” things are the keys to marketing success. Soooo wrong. These are components of great marketing, but not themselves the answer. Web, Media, Email, Social and the like are the delivery trucks of marketing. What’s in the truck, man?

What do you tell the market about yourself that differentiates your unique approach? This is your messaging and you should work…hard…on this–revising it, updating it and advancing it on a very regular basis. Then use content–articles, ideas, webinars, white papers, press releases, tombstones, infographics, etc.—to really connect with your audience. By letting your market know who you are, why you are unique and that you know what you are talking about though content, you have a foundation for success.

80% of marketing investment is spent on marketing delivery trucks and less than 20% on the goods in the truck.

These are just 3 important items to consider, but there are more. If you ever wanna chat about how firm relationships should work (whether with us or not)…give us a holler.

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