B2B Lending: 10 Marketing phrases to avoid…

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  1. Partner. Unless you are an equity investor, you’re not a partner.  Better to call yourself an investor.  By loaning money you are actually more of an investor than a partner.
  2. Great Customer Service:  Who says their customer service sucks?
  3. Ease of doing business:  Again, who says they are damn near impossible to work with
  4. We are flexible:  OK, hope you get it by now…
  5. The new normal:  Biz moves fast and changes constantly.  There is no normal.
  6. We custom tailor our solutions.  How ‘bout, “we cram you into a box”
  7. EXAMPLE: Leveraging a term overadvance versus 3rd party subordinated debt in HLT capital profiles.  That was really the title of a white paper sent to companies with $10-50MM in revenue in November 2011 by a major bank.  Know your audience and by all means, speak English…not finance geek.
  8. We offer comprehensive integrated financial services.  And…what exactly is that?
  9. Our team has more than 300 years of experience.  Cool.  I always wanted to meet a Civil War vet.  The number is a totally fake way of demonstrating expertise.  Instead of this approach, really talk about the experiences of those 300 years and how that benefits clients, a vertical, etc.
  10. Our relationship approach sets us apart.  OMG.

OK, chances are, you’re doing many of these.  It’s OK to talk about relationship, ease, flexibility, service…but do it in a way that helps the audience understand your unique approach.  Tell them in a way that a PROSPECT could identify with.  After all the only way to experience these things is to actually BE a customer.

The problem is the intersection of ivory tower Marketers and/or agencies that have no real chance of understanding how the business works trying to write for that business and highly intelligent business leaders that are great at leading the business but not copywriting.  If you wanna chat about how to tell your story in a compelling differentiated way, give us a holler.

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