Delivering PPP/MSLP and Being a Resource When you Don’t

Have you ever built a plane while it was flying? It doesn’t matter whether you are a PPP Lender, an MSLP Lender, both or neither, that’s exactly what all of you are doing right now. There is are no blueprints for a situation like this, but there are well-refined techniques to apply. Early Learnings from […]

Your prospects are just not that into you.

From Private Equity to Community Banking, the biggest problem in driving new originations and revenues may not be what you think it is. Most industry participants point to a ‘lack of awareness’ of their brand in the minds of their prospects as being the biggest obstacle to growth. Well, you’re right and a little wrong […]

The essential guide to trade show success #equipmentfinance #marketing

It’s trade show season and many of you have already been or are headed to Vegas, Dallas, DC, Atlanta or more this year. And while these shows can be a great way to drive some business…we find most of you wonder or outright question if you can get more return for your investment in these […]

He who makes all the money in financial services, gets no marketing support. Wait…what?

If you boil the financial services business down into the core “revenue” businesses, the big categories are: Retail Banking Credit Card Mortgage Small Business Wealth Management Mid-Market, Corporate & Institutional Where doest thou marketing spend lie? Where doest thou earnings coming from? Doest thou seest a problem? In financial services the tail kinda wags the […]