Growing Originations with Fallen Angels

For the last several years, we’ve heard our customers complain about commoditization, too much liquidity chasing deals, pressure on margins, and other aspects of the same old song we hear upon the approach to the peak of each cycle. Guess what? We are no longer at the peak of a cycle. Now we shuffle to […]

Vendor Finance Strategy Foundations—$25,000 of consulting work for you…for free!

A real business development model is one that keeps the business coming in though all phases of the business cycle. It is never reliant on a group of sales “personalities”. It leverages the experience, talents and responsibilities of credit, doc, asset and even legal. It uses marketing to consistently feed the sales team so they spend more time selling and less time hunting. It has a tried and true sales process that enables the talents of the individual but promotes a consistent winning strategy. It attracts senior talent AND new, young talent–enabling success, promotion and new ideas. And most importantly, it is massively differentiating in a market full of “me too” sounding vendor finance companies.