Sales and Marketing Tactics: Ideas and How-tos

If you want to connect with more prospects and customers, stop telling them what you do and instead show them how you do it. Here’s what we mean… Rather than listing the benefits of equipment financing, give them an idea of how to solve a business problem using the structuring flexibilities that might come with […]

A 60-day Crisis Communication Plan

How do you communicate to customers and prospects during a time of severe societal and economic distress? Many will say there is no communication playbook for handling a crisis at the level of COVID-19. Well, they’re right…and wrong. While Coronavirus takes on a severity unprecedented on any level, communicating through times of crisis and even […]

The shocking lack of real #growth strategies in commercial finance

Are you too concentrated in a single industry or asset class? How much of the market in any asset/industry do you have? How much opportunity is in the market of any asset/industry you want? What is your strategy to enter new segments? How do you determine if a new asset class if right for you? […]

Volume, Margin and the Impact of Differentiation

  Well we’re up against another year-end. Many of you are so busy cramming the next deal in the year-end push, you can’t think about Friday much less 2017. But for those with their heads above water, it might be time to passively start thinking about how to really make a move in 2017. And […]

Is your commercial finance company a commodity?

In a recent onboarding session with a new client, several of their senior staff members referred to their solutions as a “commodity”. Implying that finance is really just like buying bananas at a grocery store. Oh boy. We think this entire line of thinking is massively flawed at best and at worst…revolting. In a former […]

Email #marketing is an iceberg…right ahead. And that’s a good thing

I have teenage daughters. Explains the “bald man” thing. And they seem to be discovering every sappy love story movie out there. Recently…Titanic. Held hostage for the viewing, I remembered that I actually woke during the wreck. “Iceberg…right ahead!” Icebergs are kinda fascinating. 90% of those things can’t be seen. And in my boredom I […]

Considering #marketing automation? Make sure you are ready.

Hubspot, Marketo, Eloqua, Silverpop and a host of others have brought an amazing marketing technology to fuel your business development efforts. The tech is awesome. A SaaS way to program who in your database receives what message at what time based on their profile and their engagement with other messages or where they are in […]

Could Equipment as a Service (EQaaS) be the future of #equipmentfinance?

Imagine it. You spec out your gear and pay a fixed dollar per month for use of the equipment. At the end of term, you spec out the replacement, tweak the payment and keep on keeping on. Equipment as a Service (EQaaS). But isn’t that what we call leasing today? Well…yeah. But clients don’t really […]

You guys are missing the easiest sales and marketing tool ever.

A finance term is a gift from the sales gods. A hard wired compelling event. No “I’ll think about its”, “what ifs” or “maybe laters”. A sure fired “get off your butt and do something” moment in the life of your customer. Of course it is a staple of your pipelines and sales activity. Right? […]