Does social media work in #B2B? YES, for God’s sake, yes…

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If you have ever perused twitter, social media, countless blog articles or a simple google search there are a smattering of experts that pose the question, while stroking their chin I suppose, if social media works for the B2B space.  The more the target audience becomes CFO/CEO types, the more wishy-washy the messages seem to be about whether it’s even worth the time.

So, does social media work for B2B? That’s like asking if a Hyundai Equus will get you to work. Of course it will. The name, brand and style may be unconventional compared to how things used to be, but it will get you where you want to go and if you do it right…in style.

Social media is just a delivery vehicle. If your message and content is great, social media will deliver the goods. It will blow up brand awareness, website visits, open the door to new marketing efforts, drive inbound leads and more. If your content, or lackthereof, is weak…you’ll discontinue your social media effort in a matter of weeks. Just like the email marketing effort you couldn’t figure out how to make a success.

Great marketing is about telling a great story and delivering that story to market through great content.  Web, Social, Email, Advertising, Events, etc. are your delivery trucks.  Spend more time on your content and watch not just your social media efforts, but your marketing and sales efforts elevate.

And yes, B2B, your audience is on social media. The CFO, CEO population is the fastest growing active user base of social media of any other business demo in the last 3 years. If you need some help or just to want to talk about social or how to do more deals in this brave new world of marketing and selling, give us a holler.

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