Email #marketing is an iceberg…right ahead. And that’s a good thing

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I have teenage daughters. Explains the “bald man” thing. And they seem to be discovering every sappy love story movie out there. Recently…Titanic. Held hostage for the viewing, I remembered that I actually woke during the wreck. “Iceberg…right ahead!” Icebergs are kinda fascinating. 90% of those things can’t be seen. And in my boredom I began to think about how many things in business were an iceberg. (yeah, I know…pitiful…but bear with me.)

While it’s easy to focus on the unseen things that could sink your ship, what about the unseen things that offer opportunity? Most of you either do email marketing really badly or don’t do it at all because you don’t think it works. What are your expectations with email? Do you think if you send one email or even a series of bad ones the origination flood gates open? Or do you just have no idea what to think?

Email is the biggest ROI, cheapest and generally best marketing tool for your business. You just have to understand it. Here are some things to think about:

  1. It’s all about the content baby. If you say good stuff in your email…you’ll have a good email campaign. “I finance equipment too and give great service” is NOT good content. Articles, insights, new programs, case studies and other items that educate and inform your audience…and lots of them. This takes time, but it works. Get it done.
  2. Consistency is everything. Two emails this month with good content, once next month with mediocre content and none the next month is terrible marketing…email or otherwise. If you’re too busy to be consistent…get help.
  3. It’s an iceberg. Of the people interested you that open an interact with your email, only about 10% of them actually reach out to have you sell them something. The other 90% are developing interest in you, they just don’t like the concept of walking into the Lion’s Den of the salesperson so aimlessly. Read your email data. Figure out who is interested in you that hasn’t reached out yet and voila…warm call.

If you do this right, salespeople spend more time talking to people who already know them and might even be interested rather than cold calling people that have little idea who they are. Could your team be more productive with marketing like this? We’re biased, but we think so. We’re also right. If you ever wanna chat give us a holler.

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