#equipmentfinance: 79% of vendors say this is the easiest way to get a sales call. And the survey says…

Wanna talk through how an insight like this can impact your company?

Regularly give them things to think about. That’s it. Not rocket science, eh. In our survey of 914 vendors (big and small) from earlier this year, nearly 80% of them said if you provide insights about how to use financing to sell more, easier, or insights around trends and industry matters you are building a red carpet into their office for a sales call. If you call and ask for apps and talk about deal structures…not so good for you.

Are you a deal doer or insight provider?

The answer to that question might be the difference between getting in the door and not. Or might be the difference between being a strong #2 and paltry #5 in the stable. Listen, we get that being a deal doer is a good thing, but what if your competition can get deals done too? Then what? Rate based competition?

Our 2015 research on vendor finance is in! We’ll be dropping little nuggets like this from time to time to get you thinking and if you ever wanna chat…give us a holler.

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