#equipmentfinance: Did you know that 73% of vendor customers will not choose a vendor if…

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…they do not have a finance presence on their website? And that 66% of them are “more likely” to choose the vendor with the best information on financing…even if it means they sell a slightly less desirable asset? What about the fact that 81% are looking for more information on financing than a link to an online app?

OMG. Our 2015 research results are in and we’ll be leaking little nuggets like this every week to help you think about your business development strategy.

These are small businesses folks. They need your money and want to feel comfortable with a sharp looking, seamless experience that in addition to applying allows them to learn about process and other things. Help the dealers understand this…give them tools…and you’ll do more deals. If you ever wanna chat…give us a holler.

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