How do you make email marketing work in commercial finance

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“Say something I’m giving up on you.” That’s an excerpt of a popular song for you old guys. It’s also what most of your email audience is saying. We are continually astounded at the number of EF companies that want to and do dive head first into the pool of email marketing without the slightest consideration as to what you are going to say.

The result of this lack of planning is a string of emails talking about 100% financing, cash flow benefits and really heavy handed promotional information on your company. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of business decision makers totally get that equipment finance offers 100% financing and cash flow benefits over paying cash. And the heavy handed apply now because of my great rates…eesh. All leading to your email recipients asking you to say something before they give up on you.

The other result is that you quit. You realize you don’t have that much to say, but instead of looking at what you say and building that strategy, you just say email doesn’t work and you quit. Email works beautifully…it’s just your email that doesn’t work. And it doesn’t work because you should spend hours developing the content for every email. EVERY STINKING ONE. If you wing it…you get what you put into it…nothing. If you plan and develop thoughtful content in your email, it will change how you go-to-market…FOREVER. Inbound leads and warmer phones just to start.


If content is the key, how do you do it? Well, that does depend on your company a bit. Some companies can go deep with content streams around the more technical aspects of commercial finance, while others are small-ticket vendor guys that are selling to guys that wear tank tops. That messaging and content is wildly different. If you have the expertise to write short insightful articles on staff…get on it. You’ll need about 4-6 per month. No joke. And if you don’t have the staff to pull it off…get help. It’ll be worth the dough because you’ll be doing more deals.

We crank content every day for the equipment finance business. Big guys, small guys, banks, brokers, independents…you name it. If you ever wanna chat about better email marketing in the equipment finance business…give us a holler.

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