Increase sales by 10-20% doing something really simple.

Wanna talk through how an insight like this can impact your company?

In this massively competitive market, could there be a “simple” way to increase sales by 10-20%? We think so. From construction to industrial to high tech, we find there is one very simple marketing and sales activity that is rarely used.

A simple monthly email of equipment specials, finance rates, promotions, and heaven forbid…your opinion on what prospects should be thinking about…WILL ABSOLUTELY CHANGE THE GAME FOR YOU.

12 emails per year on average drives 15 inbound leads (people calling in about a product or service that your sales folks wouldn’t have known about before) per month and 20 more leads that require less than 2 follow up calls to establish a sales meeting about future purchases.

We’ve been watching this since 2010 with our equipment dealer clients and every time…GAME CHANGER.

Ok, you say, it can’t be that easy. Well, you’re kinda right. If it was, everyone would be doing it instead of almost no one. So what is the problem? You have no dedicated marketing department. Sure your sales team can do this maybe a month or two, but they get too busy working deals and selling equipment to keep up the consistency. And BTW, the consistency is the ballgame.

You also need to have the technology to drive leads out of your email platform. Not too hard to find and not terribly expensive. Or you could find an agency that does all this for you. Gotta be someone that knows your business and has the technology, but again, shouldn’t be too expensive and the return on investment will be enormous.

You should get together with your team and start doing this soon. And if you ever wanna chat about how to put a plan together to get it done (either with us, yourself or someone else) we’d love to help, give us a holler.

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