Equipment Finance – It’s about the asset, dummy.

Wanna talk through how an insight like this can impact your company?

  • An infographic on common life cycles of different asset classes.
  • Tell the story of a key relationship that depends on leasing to best manage a type of asset
  • Tell the story of your asset managers and how they do what they do
  • Use humor, be provocative in your messaging and by all means…speak English not “finance geek”.

The Great Sea of Sameness (our name for the “me too” vanilla marketing speak of the commercial finance business) can make equipment finance companies sound so freaking boring.

One of our clients really says it right.  They finance “big, smelly, dirty equipment” to people who know the importance of being big, smelly and dirty to get the job done.  Now that’s a long way from the corporate finance, synthetic lease crowd, but most of your messaging sounds like it is written by CPAs for a CPA convention.

While big, smelly and dirty doesn’t work for everyone, the core concept does.  The equipment finance business is about the asset.  How are you going to buy it, pay for it, use it and dispose of it?  That’s the ballgame, yet player after player in this business can’t tell you with any detail why their clients manage asset life cycles the way they do.

Your go-to-market has to be more than “bidding on deal”.  You know that, but do you find yourself doing it far too often?  If that question scares you…and it should…then it might be time to address some things.  Not the least of which would be your company’s messaging.

Tell a stories.  People are emotional.  Finance-speak is mechanical, robotic. Tell stories that speak the language of the people, not the wannabe corporate finance one.  Put on workboots, khaki’s and have a beer (at least figuratively…I like Martini’s  and cufflinks too).  Develop solutions around the assets, differentiate yourself and do more deals!

If you ever wanna chat about how to get your boat out of the The Great Sea of Sameness, give us a holler!

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