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Equipment Finance pros talk about 100% financing and cash flow benefits. Asset-Based Lenders talk about accessing to additional capital with more flexibility than cash flow lending. Private Equity people talk about value creation and making 1+1=3. Those are all good things, but they are not reasons to choose your company as a provider. Commoditization like this leads to rate-based competition and increased risk for lower return.

So Sawbux starts with Strategic Messaging work with most of our clients. We leverage our deep experience in sales and marketing of the various solutions for business capital structure to develop a story of your company—not just your finance product.

It’s hard to achieve an objective without a plan to get there. A well-formed Sawbux-driven marketing plan defines your unique value proposition and puts it to work against the characteristics, needs and opportunities present in your target market. Then our plans set out the tactics and KPIs to measure efficacy and outcomes.

What if you don’t have a marketing staff? What if your marketing staff is ill-equipped with the expertise to take on these technical businesses without you holding their hand?  If you don’t have a marketing team with the expertise in the business to help elevate the business development game, outsource it. Sawbux can offer a dedicated industry-expert team for a fraction of the cost of what it would take to build your own.

There is no marketing team that is fully resourced. Just ask ’em 🙂 Seriously, your marketing team may be highly competent in many areas of marketing support, but they are missing a key ingredient or two to impact the business as much as you might hope. From strategy support to content development and social media to design services, Sawbux can fill these gaps effectively and affordably.

How big is your target market? What does the new vertical think about solutions like yours? What vertical should you pursue? Do your customers like you as much as you think? The best decisions are best made from the best data. Sawbux has a unique, fast and affordable market research capability that can powerfully shape critical business decisions.

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Content Development

Fuel for your sales and marketing effort with content that makes you look like a problem solver instead of a product pusher.

Marketing Services

The marketing techniques, tactics and technology to reach the right people with the right message at the right time. 

Sales Enablement

Spend more time selling and less time hunting while looking smarter than competitors with better sales tactics, tools and resources.

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