New Google search rules: What it means for commercial finance?

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A few weeks ago, Google released their much publicized (especially on CNBC) search algorithm. Affectionately referred to as “mobilegeddon” it was the strongest move ever to favor mobile friendly websites.  Thereby “punishing” websites that were not mobile friendly making them harder to find through search.  So what does it really mean to the commercial finance business?

  1. Don’t freak out over Google. Most of you aren’t really targeted paid search and mass appeal for your solutions anyway. Your audience is pretty targeted and more 1:1 marketing and sales drives web activity than organic search. Don’t let some SEO (search engine optimization) company who doesn’t understand commercial finance freak you out. That said…
  2. Mobile does matter. Face it folks, you are going to have to get there with your site eventually and Google is only going to tighten the screws against your web presence until you do. Independent of the whole Google thing, it’s a better representation of your company to be on board with this not to mention wildly better marketing.
  3. You’ve got bigger website problems. Most of your websites are a vanilla, undifferentiated mess that has no real chance of helping you sell anything. You might want to look at that part first. And yes, a website can and should help you gain traction in the commercial finance business.

Mobile friendly web presence is a certainty for us all. Look at BofA’s new website.  While it may be a bit ahead of its time, it is an indication where all things financial marketing might be headed. And remember, data shows you only have 19 seconds to advance your cause or lose traction once someone lands on your site. 19 seconds. If they are looking at an out of date design on their tablet or phone, you’re kinda screwed regardless of the whole Google thing.

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