Sales and Marketing Tactics: Ideas and How-tos

Wanna talk through how an insight like this can impact your company?

If you want to connect with more prospects and customers, stop telling them what you do and instead show them how you do it. Here’s what we mean…

Rather than listing the benefits of equipment financing, give them an idea of how to solve a business problem using the structuring flexibilities that might come with the benefits of equipment finance. Rather than outlining the benefits of working with your company, show them how working with you was able to overcome a business challenge, simplify an effort or—in the case of vendors—help them sell more.

Let’s do a little before and after:



100% financing including soft costs

Are you tired of saying no to new equipment requests because of budget limitations?  A 100% finance option can help you do more with limited budgets

Sale-Leaseback or Refinancing

Need to drive low-cost working capital from unencumbered equipment when you need it most. Consider a sale-leaseback.

Financing Used Equipment

Are upcoming capex limitations on the horizon? The right balance of new and used equipment married with equipment financing can help you get what you need and still offer budget savings
Great Customer Service

Are you going to get five years of useful life out of that equipment? After recently digging deeper with a customer requesting a loan, we found that a three-year lease with a purchase option would help cash flows and more accurately fit their usage of the gear.


One side of this table is a list of table stakes that almost everyone says. The other side offers ideas, how-tos, and proof that all the stuff you say can help. I know, for those of you who are overly-enamored with bullet points of less than six words, this is scary. But remember, if your bullets points are easy to consume yet don’t help them learn something, then their brevity has done nothing at all. And for those that think their customers already know the application of their solutions, you’re just wrong. In what category of selling anything do you assume the client will know how to apply your product features without suggestion.

Case studies are the holy grail, but if chasing client consent or revealing too much portfolio info is a concern, fear not. You can deliver the ideas, how-tos, and even blind(ish) case studies that help your customers and prospects connect more powerfully with the potential benefit of what you do.  It just takes a little creativity.

Tombstones are great, but it’s the “how the deal gets done” that matters most. And upon review of commercial finance marketing practices, this tactic is shockingly absent. If you ever want to talk through a plan to bring the ideas and how-tos to your customers, let’s talk.

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