4 critical steps to making email marketing work for your business.

There are many different ways to do this, but we believe there are 4 essential fundamentals you really need to have down. Content is almost everything Regularly sending promotional stuff will not help you very much. But producing information rich content that the decision maker comes to find regular interest in, derive insights from, pose […]

The sales rep “quick start” program that you don’t have…but need.

How do your salespeople tell your company’s story? Inconsistently? Make it up as they go? You don’t know? What kind of training do you give new salespeople in your company’s story and the important ways to differentiate themselves and win. What is your 30-60-90 day sales plan for their start and how is the company […]

I think the gap between Marketing and Sales…is Marketing’s fault.

I hold the Marketing truths of new media, content marketing and demand generation to be self-evident, that the benefit for all sales teams are created equal. Bunk. Now that I have Marketer’s blood pressure up, let me explain. I have written in the past on the innovation of Marketing in recent years. Demand Generation, Social, […]

Is marketing innovating while sales is selling like it’s 1990?

In Q4, I resolved to ask the senior sales and origination leaders of our newly on-boarded clients the same two questions. What is inbound marketing? What is content marketing? The answers, God love ‘em, were awful. They didn’t really know. As I continued to present the value of and importance of these concepts, they became […]