3 reasons you guys are all big chickens

The great ones have the courage to totally break what they just did really well just for the chance of doing something truly great. Let’s face it, this is not most of you. Many people have built pretty good companies from originating business essentially the same way they did 10, 15 even 20 years ago. […]

The Marketing Implications of the GE Capital Divestiture

Wow. Not entirely unexpected as GE has been systematically shrinking GE Capital for a number of years, but wow. We will leave up to debate whether US government regulation has essentially ended the most successful commercial finance company in history for others to bounce around, but wow. Over the next 2 bloodletting years while others […]

Marketing to private equity

Let’s face it, having a few great private equity firms in your stable of lending relationships is beyond fantastic. In fact, many of the larger ABL players are originating half of their business or more from sponsors and really carries the load for them. And this trend is likely to increase with private equity coming […]