Ignoring data is keeping you from hitting origination goals.

Spend time on data, increases enterprise wide sales and marketing efficiency. Common sense, right? Nope. 33% of our new clients in the Commercial Finance space cannot easily produce a simple database of targets for email, direct mail, etc. 43%: The average invalid contact data percentage of a database we start working with 60% of our […]

The haphazard use of UCC data as a marketing tool

For years, most of you have only flirted with leveraging UCC data in your sales and marketing efforts. One could easily make the argument that the quality of your data, dramatically impacts your sales performance. Some interesting facts to note: 69% of finance companies are “dissatisfied” with the quality of their CRM and prospect data. […]

Is marketing innovating while sales is selling like it’s 1990?

In Q4, I resolved to ask the senior sales and origination leaders of our newly on-boarded clients the same two questions. What is inbound marketing? What is content marketing? The answers, God love ‘em, were awful. They didn’t really know. As I continued to present the value of and importance of these concepts, they became […]