Vendor Finance Promotions: 5 keys to success

“We need more apps. Let’s offer a promotion next month.” No doc fee, extra points, no payments until, promotional giveaway and more are at your disposal to turn the head of vendors and/or brokers. Promotions can be a component of a very effective marketing effort. In fact, most captives offer regular incentives and have for […]

Selling to the F&I Manager: Top 5 needs

Debt is back baby! Money is chasing equipment deals like crazy which means equipment dealers are getting inundated with calls from funding sources. All you vendor folks are banging away and fighting like crazy to grab a bigger piece of each vendor’s funding puzzle or establish new relationships in an environment where almost everyone sounds […]

Marketing ideas for end of finance term renewals…

Fill the top of the funnel.  We spend just huge time there in the equipment finance business.  But how big is the hole in the bucket?  You know, the existing customers that have a deal expiring and end up doing the refinance with a competitor. These guys already know you and have bought something from […]