The Marketing Implications of the GE Capital Divestiture

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Wow. Not entirely unexpected as GE has been systematically shrinking GE Capital for a number of years, but wow. We will leave up to debate whether US government regulation has essentially ended the most successful commercial finance company in history for others to bounce around, but wow. Over the next 2 bloodletting years while others determine who will snatch up the pieces…WOW…there may be a great business development opportunity for you!

Uncertainty does not help those that are in the midst of it. Companies that rely on GE Capital now have a big vulnerability as they are now asking some pretty big, unanswerable questions. And your business development efforts should run head long into it, with glee!  Whenever there is disruption in the market it is an opportunity for you. This opportunity may be a once or twice in a career landmark.

If you are a bigger player, you are probably considering playing in the one of the biggest commercial finance investment banking auctions since the 08/9 mess. And even if you are a smaller player or are simply not interested in the brewing donnybrook over winning a piece …get…in…the…game.

Developing a regular campaign strategy with any disrupted competitor’s audience is a terrific opportunity to move the needle. In fact, this news should lead to a record amount of sales calls over the next year. Marketing can, and should, lead the sales effort to brave new heights. Here are the steps:

  1. Develop a messaging and content strategy that highlights your strengths in the face of industry uncertainty
  2. Leverage email marketing to get your message to market
  3. Decision makers will be looking at options now, where they may not have been before…so it is important to establish your differentiation
  4. Track leads and appointments from vulnerable competitors
  5. Have regular team conversations about the key issues decision makers are facing because of this vulnerability
  6. Stay on it, stay consistent and be frequently in front of them. One short term effort will not carry the success you are looking for. Remember, this is a 2 year time horizon for the sale of these businesses but beyond that it could take years longer to sort out the implications of the new ownership

If you ever want to chat about how to use disruption in the market to enhance your business development efforts, give us a holler!

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