Using Legal and Credit to get more sales calls. Wait, huh?

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Your secret weapon in parting the great sea of sameness…our affectionate name for financial marketing and sales-speak…might just be a surprise to you. At the end of the day, the financial solution you deliver is shaped by more than your sales brilliance. It is the expertise, and no offense sales teams, decision making authority of your risk management teams: Credit, Legal, Asset, Field Audit, Compliance, Doc and the like.

Breathe deep sales folks. Yes, I am suggesting you use people that you, let’s just say “spar with”, to get more sales appointments. Ask yourself this, in the great sea of sameness how many times have you given your prospects and customers a chance to consume:

  • 5 legal items to consider about sale-leaseback of capital equipment
  • Legal considerations for structuring sub-debt in an ABL driven acquisition deal
  • Credit trends in the manufacturing space
  • Overcoming traditional credit concerns with SaaS companies
  • Infographic on how to prepare for the field audit
  • Secondary market trends of machine tools

We could go on and on. Most of you never do this, but the results are INCREDIBLE:

  • Content from this audience is 78% more preferred by CFOs than traditional feature-advantage-benefit sales content
  • Click through rate in email campaigns validates this with our own data showing nearly an 81% better click though rate than more traditional content alternatives
  • Sales teams used these articles as leave behinds 43% more of the time than actual sales collateral

Wow. Why, you ask? It makes you more relevant to your targets. Adding important educational value to their jobs. You seem smarter to them, more often than before. And when the compelling event arises to acquire money…who ‘ya gonna call? Your marketing team should be working this content and using it in email marketing to educate your customers and drive leads to you. Trust us folks, this REALLY works.

If you ever want to chat about making the due diligence experts work for your sales team, give us a holler!

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